Quinta dos I`s aims to be an unforgettable countryside touristic place, combined well-being and comfort, which allows its visitors to experience the simple pleasure of nature. From a dip in the pool to listening to the birds chirping, a mythical family picnic or simply resting in nature. With this, it intends to be a Portuguese reference of this niche.


My grandfather had 8 siblings, 3 of them together with him decided to create a Farm and Agriculture Association in Algoz, where they were dedicated to the cultivation of citrus fruits and cattle raising. These 3 uncles of my father built the house in 1940 and lived in it until they died, in reality they were 2 aunts and 1 uncle.


In turn, I was a “city girl” because I was born and raised in Portimão, I visit my grandparents’ house during summer holidays, which was right next to theirs. At that time, I didn’t value work in the fields, however I ran through the orchards while my Uncle manually watered the entire orchard.


Because of the heat, I stayed at home along with the aunts who made me a delicious snack. So for many years I lived with them and early on I learned the help my father gave them in every treatment of the orchard, but now with the help of a tractor.

Perhaps because he was so helpful, my father received, in addition to the entire orchard, the house where these uncles lived. Later I also inherited, from my parents, the whole house and some land. Later, after I graduated in Economics and created my own job, I decided to get down to work and drew up a project to recover the house.


The house was uninhabited and partly in ruins. But part of the house and the main façade was in good condition for restoration. The renovations and extensions were made, with the intention of keeping part of the initial structure and, at the same time, modernizing it in a subtle way, taking into account its location and surroundings.

The project of rehabilitation and expansion of a country houses started in 2013. The entire initial house was torn down, leaving only the façade wall. The area was rebuilt and expanded allowing a space linked to the past and at the same time modernized.

It is a ground floor country house, facing south, in a rural area of the Algarve’s Barrocal, in the heart of an orange orchard. The vernacular architecture characterizes the pre-existence.

Choosing the name of the place was not an easy task. I wanted something that had some connection to the past. So I decided to form the name based on the names of those Uncles who taught me so much.

As it belonged to three of my grandfather’s eight brothers, named Inácia Neves, Inácio Neves and Isabel Neves, I chose to baptize the farm house with their initial – I`s.

Currently, Quinta dos I`s has 8 rooms and a space for events. We also provide our clients a range of sensations/experiences as they travel through the orchard, tasting the delicacies that we prepare.

I thank everyone who made this dream possible!”

Experience our tradition.

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Quinta dos I’s has a privileged location in the central Algarve. You can easily explore the western Algarve to Sagres or the eastern Algarve to Vila Real de Santo António, near the Spanish border. From the mountains to the traditional Algarve beaches, cut by rocks and cliffs. All within short driving distances.


In the countryside, but close to the sea, the region has many secrets to discover.


Between hills and valleys, where you breathe nature and tranquility, but close to sandy beaches and stunning landscapes. Take the opportunity to relax on the hammocks or read a book under the trees, take your friends and let yourself be carried away by conversations into the night. It is “another” Algarve that we are talking about here!


The best of Our Algarve

The Climate – with more than 3000 hours of sunshine per year and a low average annual precipitation, the Algarve has a mild climate throughout the year, which is undoubtedly a great attraction for visitors, both in summer for some days on the beach or in winter to rest or practice the most diverse activities.

The sea in all shades of blue, almost always calm and warm, and the sandy beaches are the hallmark of the region. From the endless stretches of sand, bordered by golden cliffs to the small bays nestled between rocks, there are many stunning scenarios for an unforgettable holiday.

Nature at its best in the three protected areas: the Costa Vicentina which is the best-preserved stretch of coast in Europe; the Ria Formosa, a labyrinth of channels separated from the sea by a sand cord; and the Sapal de Castro Marim and Vila Real de Santo António, very rich in fauna and flora. But there is also the mountain range, which can be discovered by bicycle or on foot following the tracks of the Via Algarviana, which, through the interior, connects the extreme east of the region, to its western tip, ending with the Rota Vicentina, another set of routes not to miss for anyone who likes to walk. Those looking for more adrenaline can practice activities such as parasailing, diving, hang gliding or rappelling.

Heritage with many treasures to discover. For example in Silves, formerly the capital of the Arab kingdom, in Sagres and Lagos, very important in the 15th century Discoveries, in Tavira, a showcase of traditional architecture or in the historic center of Faro where the beautiful cathedral stands out.

The entertainment is hot every summer in various bars and clubs, especially in the more cosmopolitan areas such as Albufeira, Portimão and Vilamoura. And throughout the year there are several events that bring color and joy to the region, such as Carnival, music or gastronomy festivals, historical recreations and traditional fairs and festivals thought the Algarve.

The gastronomy in which fresh fish and seafood, grilled or in cataplanas, naturally stand out. But there are also meat dishes that are more common in the Algarve countryside, and almond and fig sweets such as morgados or Dom Rodrigos, which can be accompanied perfectly by bitter almond liqueur or medronho brandy.


The Castle of Silves is one of the most remarkable works of military architecture left by the Arabs, with over a thousand years of existence.

GPS: Latitude: 37°11'26.78"N | Longitude: 8°26'16.89"W

Inaugurated in 1990, the Municipal Museum of Archeology of Silves was built around the admirable Poço-Cisterna Almóada from the 12th-13th centuries, discovered after archaeological excavations carried out in the 80s of the 18th century. XX and today classified as a National Monument.

The Museum of Costume and Traditions, of SB Messines, is located at the entrance of the village, in a typical house. The educational activities here include plastic expression workshops and “History Hour” conversations between the various generations, so that traditions are kept alive for future generations.

GPS: 37º15’09.82’’N/8º17’13.06’’W


Armação de Pêra, being one of the largest sandy beaches in the Algarve, is one of favorite place for many families, in the summer. The sand extends along the coast, where cafes with terraces, shops, restaurants and a wide pedestrian promenade are multiplied, the result of recent renovation works on the sea front.

Fancy Fairs

Fancy Fairs

Fancy Fairs

Algoz: 1st Saturday of the month

B. de Messines: 2nd Saturday of the month

Municipal Garden | morning

Pêra: 3rd Saturday of the month

Municipal Market | morning

Alcantarilha: 1st Friday of the month

Parish Council Square | morning

Slayer: 2nd Monday of the month

Largo da Várzea | morning

Silves: 3rd Monday of the month

Sítio do Encalhe | morning

B. de Messines: 4th Monday of the month

Fair Square | morning


Use rainwater

Using rainwater is the best way to keep green areas tidy. Collecting rainwater in tanks for use in irrigation avoids wasting drinking water and also reduces the environmental impact during dry months.


Reduce the use of disposable products

All the disposables you leave in the room, the plastic cups and cutlery at the pool bar and the plastic water bottles…

There are several reasons for us to strive to eliminate disposables from our routine.


Compost food

Between breakfasts, lunches and dinners, it is inevitable have leftover food. Instead of throwing them in the trash, we compost the remains and use to fertilize the Quinta’s gardens, flowerbeds and green areas.


Reduce paper usage

Invoices, employee notes, internal orders, among others. That’s why we use a greener option: smart software where all the notes are saved, instead of paper that can get lost anywhere.


Prefer ecological cleaning products


We use ecological cleaning products:  laundry detergents and cleaning products for rooms and common areas to. Eco-friendly detergents use more natural ingredients and less chemicals, so they are less toxic and harmful. It is better for both the environment and our guests!


Country house in the interior of the Algarve, with a swimming pool and unique experiences.
Ideal for families and nature lovers.


Barranco Longo, Caixa Postal 577P, Algoz, 8365 - 089